financial cost and risk management solutions to corporations in Asia.


Foreign Exchange appreciation / depreciation risk
Commodity purchase cost management
M&A cost and risk management
Financing cost reduction strategies


When SSC started, Strategic Risk Management was, and still is, a novel form of corporate governance. With no financial services firm to model ourselves after, and little interest in copying an existing formula, SSC was founded to embody in its services integrity, excellence, creativity, and the fortitude to say no when necessary.

Founder and CEO

Carl has provided Strategic Risk Management expertise to the major corporations, financial institutions, and government entities in Asia over the last 20 years.

In the 40th Anniversary issue of the Euromoney Magazine, Carl was quoted as saying, “there is a gap between the coverage model of the bulge-bracket banks and the demand space.”

It is Carl’s aim to make the world-class risk management expertise accessible to everyone.